Teacher Sex Stories

Dedicated to sexy teachers everywhere and the innocent students who fall prey to their seductive charms.
Incriminating secrets revealed by college professors and school students. Favorites are Principal Solon and Student Teacher
I guess an apple for the teacher just isn't enough anymore.

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Professor Cranston
Professor Cranston gets seduced by a female student and his lustful adventure nearly gets him fired.

Riding The Javelin
Jodi takes charge and uses his role as a teenage thug to gangbang a student teacher and force her to ride a javelin while her students watch.

Teacher's Pets
Several young male students scramble to impress their sexy new school teacher with their school boy magic. (Submitted by Cazna)

Teacher's Education
A second great teacher and student sex story submitted by author Cazna.

Principal Solon
A stern administrator teaches a female student how to behave and even involves his female secretary.

Student Teacher
Hot female teacher instructs a teen student in the art of eating pussy.

Gym Teacher
A bull dyke gym teacher forces a female student to perform oral sex for the first time.

Gym Teacher 2
A teacher introduces a virgin female student to her black friend who initiates a thrilling threesome between the three.

Home Economics Class
The teacher demonstrates masturbation to a female student, and schools her in the art of self pleasure.

Home Economics 2
Miss Ulbright invites a student's mother to an after class session and performs cunnilingus on mother and daughter simultaneously. A unique teacher, and mother daughter experience.

After School
Fifty year old female teacher blackmails a student into performing oral sex on the naughty old hag.

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Teachers Pets